I designed a serum to treat his spine, you know, derived from the same formula that helps me control my mutation. I take just enough to keep myself balanced but he takes too much. I tried easing him back but he just couldn’t bear the pain. The voices… The treatment gives him his legs but…It’s not enough. He’s… He’s just lost too much.

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Because it’s the future and the past of X-Men. So you actually meet yourself in the movie at one point?

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Michael Fassbender falling into a fountain on the DOFP gag reel

So this happened.

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James’ reaction to Michael’s response to why he would go back to the womb if he had any chance to go back in time


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Dare Box: "I have to do a twerk.”


Find Out What It Takes To Be Friends With James McAvoy And Jessica Chastain


James McAvoy visits ‘Sway in the Morning’ at SiriusXM Studios on September 10, 2014 in New York City.

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this is going on my door

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