everyone keeps talking about leonardo di caprio deserving an academy award but there are so many talented actors who also deserve it. for example:

  • james mcavoy
  • james mcavoy
  • james mcavoy
  • james mcavoy
  • james mcavoy
  • james mcavoy

and last but not least

  • james mcavoy
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Atonement——Director Commentary

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James McAvoy’s Crazy Cab Ride - David Letterman

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James McAvoy visits ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ in NYC on August 27, 2014.

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Pilot // Sunset

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Trio of photos of James McAvoy in the September issue of Nylon for guys.

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We were rather hoping you would take us all the way.




Post-dousing, his hair looks FANTASTIC.

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IMG 7784 from Will on Vimeo.




James McAvoy takes on ice bucket challenge!

(with Anne-Marie’s help, sweet!)

SHE’S THE CUTEST. He’s okay too! :D

this was the first thing i saw when i got home from work this morning. :DDDDDDDDD

(then i had to apologize to kait for being aggressively heterosexual, but: worth it.)